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I write weekly on how to add observability to your legacy Rails app. Logging, metrics, tracing, observability 2.0, open telemetry, all to allow you to reduce debugging time when working with your existing Rails app.

Why do I write this newsletter?

  1. Help developers learn faster. As a senior engineer I wasted years trying to understand observability and open telemetry. I’ve spent countless hours figuring out how to add structured logging and observability to Rails apps. I’ve now been using these ideas in production apps for 2 years and want to help you do it too.

  2. Build a business. Yes, the truth is I want to make money teaching this to companies. No sleaze, just value.

  3. To evolve my ideas. I’ve kept a lot of ideas in my head for a decade. Ideas only get better if you expose them to criticism.

If there’s anything I can do to help you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Helping Engineers Improve Observability In Ruby on Rails Apps


I'm a Joyful Programming Coach who specialises in improving observability in Ruby on Rails apps. I've spent 20 years honing my software engineering skills and I'm here to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.